Finally (Re)Starting a dev blog


3 min read

We all know how it goes. We hear stories, read articles like this, and watch videos that highlight the benefits of blogging in becoming a successful software developer.

We all know it.

But starting and actually keeping it going seems to be the real challenge.

For me, it seems that I try my best to postpone the actual writing part of the whole blogging thing. When I first decided to give this a go, I (obviously) started with the simple google search "best blogging platform for developers", and decided that I would start from the bottom up and self host. What better way to catch two birds with one stone than learning to setup a server and writing about it at the same time?

My first attempt began as a digitalocean droplet + caddy combination. It was perfect because caddy is an open source web server written in go, the programming language I was learning at the time. I ended up spending way too much time setting up the server and learning to use caddy that I sort of "forgot" about blogging. ๐Ÿ˜… It was actually a fun experience, albeit short-lived.

Then I discovered netlify. So naturally my next attempt went on to be a combination of netlify and hugo (static site generator also written in go). But of course, I spent most of my time trying to find the perfect theme and trying to smooth out everything else related to hugo. It was a frustrating experience, and coming across articles like this made me rethink about what I'm really trying to achieve here.

I decided to just choose a platform and stick to it and so here we are. Hopefully I will indeed stick to this.

Btw, to anyone who may be curious (likely it'll just be future me), this article from freecodecamp was the result of my google search stated earlier which actually lead me to hashnode!